Cool Kids Wear Adidas (on a beautiful fall day)

Adidas logo

Happy November, everyone (and welcome to my brand new website!)
I hope you all are adapting and enjoying the slightly cooler weather. I happen to love autumn, because the leaves change color and all the wintery flavors of coffee (and beer) come out for me to enjoy.  Not to mention fall clothes and fashion!

Now, I’m not quite ready to put away ALL of my lighter, warm-weather only clothing, so here’s a way to keep some of your favorite pieces out of the drawer for a little while longer: layering! Recently, I’ve been loving how sporty chic style has been all over the fashion media. Looks are easy to put together and you still look super fly. In particular, I’ve been obsessed with one brand: Adidas. Their classic three-stripes distinguishes them from the rest of the activewear brands and has kept their brand image around and relevant since the beginning. Timelessly cool.

It’s a little too much to wear absolutely everything all at once, but here I’ve paired the classic Adidas track jacket and Superstar sneakers with a basic white ringer tee and some high waisted black jeans. And for the early mornings and the cooler evenings, layer an oversized denim jacket over the whole thing for a look all the cool kids will be wearing.  Having the denim jacket be bigger makes it easier to throw over the track jacket when the temperature dips just a few degrees too cold for my taste.

Some cool accessories to add on include beanies, thick glasses, and tattoo chokers for a 90s throwback. Try to keep the color scheme to a minimum to avoid something too flashy. I always find that black and white and denim work well together nearly all the time.

Adidas 5

Outfit Details:
Adidas Track Jacket, Adidas Superstar Sneakers, “Cool Kids” ringer tee from A Future State, High Waist Black Twig Jeans from BDG, vintage Levi’s denim jacket, beanie from Topshop.

Cool Kids Wear Adidas <—Hype this on Lookbook! ❤

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