Celebration of Fire




Look upon the hillside and see
how, when autumn arrives,
the leaves paint themselves with a palette of fire.
Even the trees celebrate that
which is most dangerous to them.
Calm and wise and silent,
they acknowledge the balance that
will make room for the new
by destroying the old.

Look upon the girl who learns from the forest
And realize that
like the trees, she is not afraid of the end.
She takes a deep breath of the crisp autumn air,
touching the bark of her mother, and
ignites the flame upon herself.

She dances into the forest engulfed
in a fiery blaze.
Just before she disappears, she smiles at you,
and the gleam of her eye drifts to the ground
as an ember.
She knows that from her ashes of old,
again she will rise from the dark,
born anew.
And the trees will celebrate her.

Sunlit Trees


© Gabrielle Renfro
(Words and Photos)

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