What’s in my bag?

What’s inside the tote of a creative who’s always on the go? I took some photos of my most common items that come with me on a daily basis. (not pictured is my camera, of course.)

What's in my bag? (5)

So much color, right?

Here’s the breakdown:
Obviously, I have a wallet. The one that I’ve ended up using the most in the past few years is this clutch from Coach. It’s big enough to hold cash, cards, my keys, and even my phone if I needed to. Practical and functional, I don’t have to worry about any hidden pockets where I might forget something is located, and has a zip closure. Nice and simple for lazy little me.

I try to always bring my sketchbook and my notebook with me, in case I have a thought that comes to me and I need to write it down before I forget, and my sketchbook if I ever have some free moments to sit down and sketch out an idea for a picture. Sometimes I just feel like I’m in an art mood and having my sketchbook with me is a huge help instead of letting those rare “my mind is in the art zone” times.

I’ve also finally gotten into the habit this year of always bringing a planner with me. I used to be so bad about it and then I would forget the due dates of assignments and when I had appointments for things because I was simply too lazy to bring around a planner. To keep me interested, I write in the planner with lots of bright colors and use stickers so that I don’t lose interest in even going back to look at what I wrote down. I love this planner that I bought at a small bookstore in Lawrenceville with my friend the other day, the art prints in it are absolutely amazing!

And to write in my notebook, planner, and sketchbook, I also must have pens! What’s the use of bringing anything to write or draw on if I don’t have the tools to do the hard work? Plus pens are always necessary, no matter where you’re planning to go, especially class. It’s embarrassing to be unprepared for a class and have to ask a classmate to borrow a writing utensil. I always bring some!

Pigma Microns 01 and 1
Letter Pen – COCOIRO Japan

What's in my bag? (4)

Depending on the day, I also try to bring a few bare essentials of makeup to keep me looking fresh for the whole day. Most importantly, my eyebrows, my face, and my lips. I bring either some lip balm or lipstick, a bronzer or blush, and my eyebrow kit!

Complete Brow Kit – MUA; Makeup Academy
Bronzer in “Casino” – NARS
Lip Pencil in “Cherry” – MAC
Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Cruella” -NARS
Tapered Brush – bareMinerals 

Whats in my bag? (1)

Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken 
Sterling, NY
Notebook: Moleskine
Planner: 2016 Organizer, Justseeds & Eberhardt Press

So there you have it! A sneak peak into what goes into my bag everyday! What’s in yours?


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