DIY Holiday Cards

Need something a little extra to personalize any holiday gifts this year? Or just feeling rather creative and looking for a way to use your holiday energy? Making your own greeting cards is a great way to save on your holiday expenses and make someone feel extra special.

Grab some pens and markers and plain paper and you’re all set to go! Using paper that’s thicker than printer paper will make your cards look better. I used sheets from my sketchbook, cut them in half, and then folded each half to make the card.


Then doodle away! If you have art-specific pens, the colors and lines will turn out nicer. For all my cards, I used my Sakura Micron pens in varying sizes, Copics, and some Pentel markers.

If you need some inspiration, head to Pinterest and search for DIY holiday cards! I definitely got a few ideas from there, and then came up with a few of my own. Many of the cards I tried to steer away from being too Christmas-specific, just in case the person I give it to celebrates a different holiday. There are tons of other things to say if you want to avoid the Christmas-only feel, like these cards! It’s not Christmas season, it’s candy cane season!


A good tip for any lettering (or snowflakes) is to use a rule to measure out the height and width and to pencil in everything first, so that your cards look nice and neat and professional when you ink and color them!

I’m especially proud of this card, I came up with the concept myself! The front reads “The Holiday Spirit,” and inside, the card says “In good spirits this holiday season (with help). My sister and brother-in-law run their own wine company, so I figured a card like this would be right up their alley. I loved making the humorous cards.


Making greeting cards has been a super helpful way for me to de-stress after studying for so many final exams and working hours upon end on different projects. And everyone loves a handmade card!

Alone or with some friends, making holiday cards is a great thing to do while it’s too cold to go outside anyway! Have fun and happy holidays!

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