The Brunch Latte Aesthetic


The best time of the day to do anything, in my opinion, is mid-morning to early afternoon. The golden hours of my mind and my productivity are from 11am to about 3pm. On my days off, I like to spend these hours of the day at one of my favorite coffee shops, like this one to have brunch by myself or with a friend, and either work on some personal projects if I’m alone or have good conversation over pretty cappuccinos and pastries.

What is it about the small cafe aesthetic and atmosphere that makes me so bubbly, relaxed, and productive? I really can’t put my finger on why, but I do know that when I look up from my table into the cafe, or out the window, and see other people socializing or going about with their lives, it somehow makes me more focused on the things that I want to do. Seeing people do their own work or have their own conversations allows me to look up from my work, take in what is going on around me, and then I can look back down at my project and continue working.

When, for example, I’m in a classroom taking a test or working on a project, if I look up from my work, everyone else is doing the exact same thing as I am: stressing out over their work, trying to do their exams with the same questions I’m trying to figure out, and it doesn’t let my mind see anything different and breathe for a moment. If I can do that, such as at a cafe or a desk with a view outside, it’s easier for me to focus, with ambient noise. Minor distractions actually help me to focus better.  And if I’m at a cafe during the brunch hours, I’m always feeling good and super productive.

If I ever need to get out of my house, and do my own thing for a while, I always go to a cafe to destress and focus, work on something for myself for a while, and then maybe go window shop for a bit. Does anyone else ever feel this way in a cafe, go to a latte brunch with friends regularly, or love to do their work at small coffee shops like I do?



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