Winter Beauty Essentials and Tips

It snowed for the first time here the other day, which after my initial excitement over it being very prettily floating down over the university town as the sunset, prompted my yearly switch from my warm, sunny weather beauty routine, to something fit for the darker, colder months. So, I went to Sephora to pick up some old favorites and some new things to try!

Makeup Academy Brow Essentials, Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara, Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, Urban Decay Naked2 Basics









First off let me divulge the products that I use every day, no matter what. I don’t think I could go without my Urban Decay Original Primer Potion and my “Better Than Sex” mascara from Too Faced. Both products I’ve bought and used up multiple times, and I’ve never been dissatisfied with the results.

The UD Primer Potion is actually magic in a bottle. Without it, my eyeshadows crease and wipe off within an hour or two. But with it, not that you should try this, but I’ve slept in my party makeup and woken up in the morning to find it still intact! It works especially well with the Urban Decay shadows (of course) like the Naked Palettes, which I use religiously, because it’s so easy to create an “I’m Awake I Swear” look just by smearing a few colors of Naked Basics on my eyelids after priming.
Better Than Sex is amazing on my shorter lashes! I put the mascara on last, on both my top and bottom lashes to accentuate my almond-shaped eyes, and I look especially put together. My lashes don’t clump and they’re nice and defined.

I’m sure many of the other eyeliners that Sephora sells are great, I’ve heard amazing things about Stila and Kat von D, but I’ve got to admit that I’m a huge fan of the Sephora brand liquid eyeliner! The one that has the felt tip brush is simply amazing! The liner glides on super easy and even when I didn’t wear my eyeshadow primer, the liquid eyeliner stayed in place all day! I also use their Kohl eyeliner to put on my waterline. Once you get the Kohl liner a little damp, it draws on like a charm. For $12 and $10 respectively, I’d say that I’m a huge fan of how well these work. I do have to caution though, that liquid eyeliner is not as forgiving as cream and pencil eyeliners. I recommend to be very familiar with the motion and line that you want to draw before you start using liquid eyeliner. Or be willing to be very patient when experimenting with your lines. For winter, I am using black eyeliner instead of my browns I used in summer and autumn. Bring out the black lines for winter!

But here’s something new I tried! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things lately about the brand Bite Beauty, so I was fiddling around with a lot of the colors they had on display. One of the employees at Sephora suggested the Matte Lip Crayon in the color “Glacé.” She gasped when she came back around the corner after I’d applied some of it on my lips. She pointed out that this shade looks great on a variety of skin tones, but with my dark hair, dark eyes, and neutral-toned fair skin, this medium pink mauve color was perfect for me, especially when I had a bit of bronzer applied. It will be a great, simple color to wear in the winter that’s not shimmery or too light. I absolutely love how it doesn’t have any shine to it, but it also 100% keeps my lips moisturized!

Mac Cosmetics – Ruby Woo, Mac Cosmetics Lipliner – Cherry, Chanel Rouge Coco – Sentiment, Bite Beauty Velvet Matte Lip Crayon – Glacé, NARS True Matte Lipstick – Nude

Winter requires a different palette for your makeup, just like you wear a different style and different colors of clothing when the months turn dark and cold.  Here are some of my favorite shades for a variety of looks this winter. Always have a popping red on hand! Even though my skin tone is pretty neutral, there are still a few more cool tones in my cheeks, so a blue-toned red like Ruby Woo from MAC is perfect for me. I line a standout lipstick like this with a liner, and I use Cherry, also from MAC with Ruby Woo.  Having a nude-gold color in your winter lippie collection is also a must! If you want to do up your eyes a little more, having a shimmery but more subtle color on your lips looks great! Here I have a color from Chanel that’s a bit darker shade of nude than my skin, and has some shimmer in it for that golden look on my lips. I’ve already talked about the lip crayon from Bite, Glacé, but this season I’ve been super obsessed with finding the perfect mauve shade. I’ve seen so many people wear amazing mauve matte lips, and I couldn’t resist finding one for myself. Lastly, having a true, concealer-type matte lipstick is a great way to line the outside of your lips or use as a base for another color on type (like an ombré or gradient!) It’s definitely a go-to when I want to mix shades or subdue a different color lipstick.
I will do a post soon about how all these lipsticks look swatched and on my lips! Stay tuned! 

Chanel – Glossimer in “Mica”

Another great idea is to layer a pretty pink shimmery gloss over a lipstick for an instant holiday look! One of the only lip glosses I own, to be honest, but I love adding a little bit of this Chanel Glossimer over nude lips or with a golden nude lipstick with some bronzer on my face to create an instant holiday look that still makes people think I’ve spent my time off in the Caribbean.

NARS Blush – Torrid, NYX – Dark Circle Concealer,
Tarte – Amazonian Full Coverage Foundation, Too Faced – Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

But Gabby, what about my face? What do I put on my face? I’ve covered essential products for your eyes and lips in the winter, but what do I use most on my face? I love the Amazonian Full Coverage Foundation (with SPF! Still super important in the winter!) from Tarte. They do an amazing job on their products, and I’m also getting the bronzing cream in the mail soon. Super excited to maintain a tan this winter instead of my usual ghastly winter pale.
Underneath my eyes in the morning, I use NYX’s Undereye Concealer before or after I put on my foundation to brighten up the areas under my eyes that need a little help to look perky and awake.  NYX is surprisingly good quality for a makeup brand that is sold in drugstores for pretty cheap.  I also use blush from NARS, in the color “Torrid.” It’s a beautiful all-around color that has just a touch of shimmer in it. I layer it on lightly above my bronzer and highlighter when I want to give my cheeks a rosy look.
One of the new things I am trying this winter is the Chocolate Soleil bronzer from Too Faced. Many of my friends swear by it, and so far, I can see why! It’s completely matte, no shimmer at all (so it works great with the shimmery blushes and highlighters). The Milk Chocolate color is perfect for my lighter skin tone, and best of all…? It smells like chocolate! And not like crappy fake cocoa chemical, they use real cocoa and it smells like an absolute dream! The smell lingers off my face for a long time after I put it on and I love it. Plus Too Faced always has the cutest packaging for their products. Definitely going to be sticking with this bronzer for a while.

As I mentioned before in this post, stay tuned for another beauty post next week where I swatch and model many of the products I’ve shown here. What are your timeless favorite makeup products? New things you are trying? What’s your favorite winter makeup palette? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

•• – Gabrielle – ••



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