Bite Beauty


Recently I’ve discovered a lippie brand that I’m absolutely in love with! Bite Beauty from Sephora is absolutely amazing. They do exclusively products for lips (including lip masks and scrubs, which I eagerly wait to try) and so far I have not been disappointed. Here are two of my favorites: The Matte Lip Crayon in Glacé, and High Pigment Pencil in Honey Berry.

Bite Beauty 1
Top: Glacé (Matte Lip Crayon) Bottom: Honey Berry (High Pigment Pencil)

Honey Berry is an almond-ish light brown, and Glacé is a medium pink mauve kind of color. Both glide on super smooth, and not completely matte, as the crayon advertises. There is no glossy or satin shine, of course, but they are very moisturizing, so they leave a little bit of that kind of “my lips are super moist” kind of barely there shine to them. Which is amazing. I already make sure my lips are exfoliated and use lip balm a lot, but if I do, these lip colors have no trouble gliding right on super smoothly, and stay nice and moist for hours.

I’ve recently loved colors like these that aren’t nude, but aren’t too bright either. I love my bright reds and pinks, of course, but the versatility of these shades has me wanting to wear them every day!
And the best thing about both of these products is that they are twistees! That’s right: no sharpening required! 

I bought these as a little Christmas present for myself. What do you guys think? Are you hoping to unwrap any makeup goodies under the tree? If I get any I’ll definitely be showing you guys!

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4 thoughts on “Bite Beauty

  1. I love Bites lipsticks! I have a full size and for Christmas I got the set of 4 travel size sticks from Sephora. The colors are great and they apply really nicely. You should definitely get more colors! 🙂

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