My New Years Resolution 


Well maybe this post is a little bit late, seeing as the first week of the new year is almost over, but I think I should post about what I’m planning on improving and changing for myself this year.

  1. Eating Healthy 

I think everyone has this resolution, every year, and  I’m no exception. It’s super hard for me to eat as healthy as I want to, because I have work and school, so oftentimes there isn’t any room for me to be picky about where or when I eat. Again this year, I’m going to make my best effort for as long as I can and as often as I can, to be more health-conscious about the foods that I eat. It’s more expensive and more time-consuming, but where I can, making the attempt to be healthy about my food will hopefully pay off! Some of the ways I’m doing this is cutting down the amount of snack foods and crackers at my house, and just eating fruit instead. I’m eating less meat and drinking less milk, and eating more fruits and veggies. So far it feels great!

A blueberry acai smoothie bowl I had for lunch today! ❤

    2. Saving Money 

So this is the big one for me. I’m terrible at it. I don’t make that much money (with a part-time job in the food industry) anyway, but I am often envious of people who take vacations or buy themselves expensive things, and I wonder why I’m not able to do all these things. Partly it’s obviously because of my student status and student job, and parents who are unable to spend too much money on me (which is okay, I’d rather not be spoiled).

But in the past, instead of putting money away, I would settle on spending my money on smaller things that would provide me with a temporary “look you did something nice for yourself” kind of feeling. But even though my paychecks are small, I can save money. I just haven’t had the mental drive to do so. So, what I’m doing with my tip money from work is, if I don’t have something essential I need to buy that day, I put my tip cash in a cute envelope I made. The catch is that I’m neither allowed to take money out OR even look in the envelope/ count the money. I’ve tried saving money by putting it in a jar, and seeing the money was too much of a temptation. I’ve also tried often transferring money to my savings account, but I had the same problem. It’s so much easier to just swipe my debit card and not think about the money that I’m trying to save. I know a lot of people have a hard time resisting to spend cash, but I’m actually the opposite. I’ll swipe swipe swipe all day, but putting cash money away until I have something I truly want will help me so much.

I really want to take a tropical beach vacation this year, (like Hawaii or the Bahamas!) so as long as I can keep up with this method of saving money from my tips, in a few months I can look into the envelope and see how much I have to put toward something like this, and I know I’ll feel super proud to have saved that much money, and it will motivate me to start saving even more, and for other things! Plus since I’m only using my tips, I’ll still have the money from my paycheck every two weeks to spend on the essentials that I need, like my bills and school stuff. I’m really excited to do this!


What are your resolutions for the New Year? Let me know, and let’s reach our goals together!



2 thoughts on “My New Years Resolution 

  1. I also have the same resolutions as you :
    1/ Eat Healthier but also workout more. I started the Bikini Body guide on Monday and even if the first sessions are quite hard and my body has been really sore for the past few days, the feeling after completing each workout is AMAZING!
    2/ More than saving more money my main goal is to travel more, which kind of also means save more money in some way haha. I really want to try and visit new places whether it’s only a weekend every now and then or a further destination.
    3/ Finally,my last resolution is to stay very active on my blog and work towards my projects/ dreams. I have a tendency to be lazy once I get busy with work and other stuff I have no choice but doing, but this year I want to make room for my own ambitions, even if it means sleep less!


    1. I’ve never done the Bikini Body workout! I’ve heard of it though. Over the summer I was very good at going running consistently, but fell off as school and part-time work started again. I want to run again, but I don’t want to run in the cold and the snow, plus I know I won’t pay for or go to a gym, so I’m eating healthy now and then when spring comes I’ll be on a consistent healthy diet and I’ll start running again, and I think I’ll look and feel great!
      And yes! The reason I’m saving a ton of money right now is because I want to take an awesome trip this summer! I want to see many more places, and hopefully if I can save enough to make this trip happen, I’ll be more motivated to save for another trip again!

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