Loving My Tan

Spring Break isn’t far away. But preparation for the holiday from school and work is something I usually forget to do. And by that, I mean going to the beach looking like a white shining beacon. Oops.

I’ve always wanted a spring break tan, but I was born cursed with skin that doesn’t tan unless I turn into a tomato first. And nobody wants that either. The trouble is, getting a pre-break tan isn’t easy, right? Wrong! Right in time for break, I found a brand called Loving Tan, from Australia. They make the easiest-to-use bronzing mousse I have ever tried. It also smells amazing, better than any lotion or spray I’ve ever used before.


It comes in a regular version and an express version, for when you need that glowing tan tonight (say, for a night out or a fancy date)! It also comes in three shades: Medium, Dark, and Ultra Dark. I chose the Dark shade because I wanted a noticeable tan, but since I am rather pale to begin with, I thought the Ultra Dark would be a little too much for me. But if you have olive-colored or a darker skin tone than my ivory, the UD shade would be perfect for that “I live on the beach” look that everyone strives for.

How do you use it?

I’ll break everything down into four easy steps with the regular bronzing mousse.

  1. Shower, shave, exfoliate!
    The first thing I do is take a shower and exfoliate my skin with an exfoliation mitt from Loving Tan. One side is rougher for more intense exfoliation, and the other side is smoother, for more sensitive areas like your face and neck. Scrub off all that dead skin so that your tan will last longer. It is also better to shave, because the mousse will go on more evenly.
  2. Once you are squeaky clean, dry off your body and grab the mousse! Loving Tan mousses also come with an application mitt, which is velvety on one side that makes for a super smooth and comfortable application. Apply a small amount of mousse onto the mitt, and use even strokes to apply. On my legs, I usually use more mousse at a time and use long, even strokes down my leg, and on my upper body I use small circular motions. Do this all over your body. It’s super easy to see where you’ve applied mousse because it also has an instant bronzing effect.
  3. Let the mousse dry for 60 seconds before doing anything else. For the next 4-8 hours, wear loose fitting clothing, and avoid getting wet or sweating. (With the  2-hour express mousse, you only need to wait 2 hours)
  4. Get back in the shower, and rinse! Don’t soap up or scrub, just run your hands over your skin so that any dry excess mousse gets washed away. When you step back out, dry off and look at your brand new tan!


I couldn’t be happier with my new glow.  Using lotion regularly helps keep your tan lasting for up to ten days. When you’re ready to apply again, start the whole process, including the exfoliation, all over again! You’ll never have to be looking like you’re not ready for the beach!

(Just for reference, here are a few selfies I took a day before applying the tan. Look how pale!)

What do you think? Are you getting spring break ready? I highly recommend this easy to use bronzing mousse if you’re looking to jump ahead of the beach sun and rock a bronzed glow as soon as you get to the sand!
Be sure to check out Loving Tan if you’re interested in a gorgeous tan without all the red lobster days in the sun! 



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