Wearing the World with Serengetee


In an era where we pretend not to notice that we get our clothes sourced from corporations who abuse international labor loopholes for lower production prices, it’s difficult to take initiative against what we are used to.

Recently, I’ve become acquainted with a clothing startup called Serengetee (Sehr-uhn-GET-ee). It was started in 2014 in Santa Monica, CA by two college students who, after doing a Semester at Sea, became interested in the local weavers’ fabrics of countries they visited. They decided to start a clothing and apparel company using fabrics from these local places, where a portion of the profits would go back straight to the weavers themselves, as well as to more than 30 different non-profit organizations, all dedicated to making the world a better place for all of us.

This semester I got the chance to be an ambassador for Serengetee, and by spreading the word and making my own purchases, I have personally made a difference to people around the world and furthering the pursuit of equality, education, and better living standards for people across the globe.

My Serengetee twin ambassador and I showing off our stuff!

How does this clothing company work? Serengetee is most famous for putting pockets on tee shirts, everything from regular short sleeve crews to sweaters, baseball tees, and even button down shirts, as well as using the handmade fabrics to make backpacks, hats, fanny packs, and pillows, among even more choices. The tee shirts are all sewn in Los Angeles, but the fabrics are imported from other countries, and hand-picked by the founders, who go and scout out all fabrics you can choose from.

My Nomad in the “Salvador” print which comes from Brazil! It’s come to school and on my travels with me everywhere I go!

This pocket is the “Loco” print. It originates in the United States and supports the organization “Pencils of Promise,” which builds schools for under-privileged communities all over the world. Also visible is Serengetee’s logo on my backpack!

On the left, the “Hudson” print, which also originates in the US and supports Pencils of Promise. On the right, Hudson and Serengetee’s “Travel More” tee, also shown in the featured image of this blog post!

My experience with Serengetee has brought me closer to causes of environmentalism and human rights, and along the way I’ve made a ton of new friends. I’m definitely going to continue being a fan of this clothing company, it’s going to go great places, and I’ll always represent them, even after this semester is over.

“Wear the World!”

If you want to get your own customized fabrics on shirts, hats, or other gear, make sure to check out Serengetee’s website here and if you use the code “Renfro15” you can get 15% off of your purchase! Go ‘Getee!


—> My Serengetee Instagram! <—

So how to wear Serengetee? This summer the name of the game is…. DENIM! Here are some cute ways to style those custom pockets with comfy denim for spring and summer!

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