July Calendar

July is almost upon us! Okay, maybe not that close… still six days away. But I couldn’t help preparing for next month. Better to be prepared and organized, right?

I’ve spent the last few months printing out agenda pages, weekly planner printables, and monthly calendars, using them and being inspired by them, and starting this month, I’m going to start making my own and sharing them with you guys! So here’s the first one, for this coming month of July!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.55.12 AM

I love designing things simply, but with specific emphasis on color coordination and aesthetic geometry. I’m still fiddling around with layouts, shapes and setups for future calendars, but hopefully starting next year, I’ll be able to make a full set of monthly calendars for 2017 that will be for sale, plus cute printables on the blog.

Feel free to print this calendar out and hang them on your corkboard organizer or keep them on a clipboard at your desk! And if you would like a custom calendar or graphic of any kind, please contact me!

Click Here to Download the July Calendar!

Please let me know what you think and send me/tag me in photos if you print it and hang it up! I would love to see it!
Instagram: @p.egasus
Twitter: @p_egasus
Email: monochromecaffeine@yahoo.com

(fonts were used from dafont.com)

  • Gabrielle , ❤

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