New York City: Cafe Hopping

This past weekend some cool people and I made a semi-spontaneous trip to New York City. It was brutally hot and humid, but for the entire weekend, we trekked around to visit museums, fancy Restaurant Week food stops, and my personal favorite: coffee shops! Before jumping on the bus, I made a list of the coffee shops I had read about or seen photos of (from some of my favorite NYC-based Instagrammers) and decided that we had to stop by a few of them.

  1. Bluestone Lane
    55 Greenwich Ave NYC 10014


There are multiple other locations in New York City (West Village, Upper East Side), but the boyfriend and I sat down at the collective cafe on Greenwich Avenue. The aesthetics of a cool ocean blue accent among the white marble tables entranced me, of course. Even better, all the employees of the cafe were wearing cute denim aprons and served us in a welcoming manner and with their lovely Australian accent.


I couldn’t help but snap too many photos of my beautiful cappuccino dusted with cocoa powder and my boyfriends cold brew. He was the smart one who ordered something iced with the weather being so hot, but I can’t help but order something pretty.
My boyfriend liked the cold brew so much that he also bought a bag of their coffee beans! Can’t wait to brew that in the morning here back home.

2. La Colombe Torrefaction

319 Church Street, NYC 10013


I had heard before going to NYC that La Colombe had some of the best coffee beans in the city. When I looked them up on various social media platforms, I also discovered that have have beautiful plates and mugs. So we ventured there to get some delicious caffeine and also a bag of coffee beans.

It was ridiculously hot outside, so we all enjoyed sitting around a table in the air conditioning and chatting while we cooled off.


3. Happy Bones 
394 Broome Street, NYC 10013


By far this was my favorite cafe, atmosphere wise. I also ended up getting an iced latte to go because it is such a tiny place and there wasn’t currently a table available to sit at. However, the iced latte was tremendously good, with a bit sweeter taste in their coffee than most places I’ve been. My boyfriend got a cortado and said that his normally bitter favorite drink was sweeter than he preferred (he doesn’t like sweets). I tasted it and liked it though. So if you like non-bitter coffee, this is probably a great place for you to go.

They were also doing construction outside, pouring some new concrete right outside the door, so I wasn’t able to get any photos of their cute outer facade or sign. It was fun to walk on a narrow plank to get inside though!

The baristas were chatty and friendly and overall it felt like a clean and nice place to hang out or get some work done if you can snag a table.


4. Greecologies
379 Broome Street, NYC 10013


Almost across the street from Happy Bones is the other favorite of our NYC coffee posse for the weekend. Greecologies is famous for their matcha, so even though I hadn’t ever had any good matcha before and was skeptical, Greecologies was truly impressive. Their matcha blend goes amazingly well in a latte, hot or iced (boyfriend got an iced one)



We even ended up going a second time on the next day with some of our other friends, because we needed someplace to cool off and hang out in the AC. We’d been shopping in SoHo and the heat wave was getting brutal, so we orded iced matcha drinks and played Uno!



Have you been to any of these cafes in New York City? What other ones are your favorite? In your own town?
Going to cities to sample their cafes has been of of my favorite things to do in the past few years. I hope I get to do it more!

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