October Calendar!

Happy first day of October! It’s officially one of my favorite months of the year. I love when it starts to get cooler, and the leaves start to turn all sorts of beautiful colors. The season of spicy lattes, sweaters, and walking through leaves and autumn rainstorms.  Even though I spend all seasons in cafes, autumn is the one where its truly the coziest. Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays!

To celebrate my love of the fall leaves changing color, I decided to make this month’s calendar an ode to the colors of the leaves! Most of my designs are rather geometric, but I thought this gradient with the photo would be pretty and a little change from my usual. Let me know what you think! It’s free to open and print, so long as you don’t sell it! This is a web-formatted PDF, if you’d ever like a copy of my work on better paper and better color quality, please contact me!

Happy Spooky Month!

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 6.20.00 PM.png

October Calendar PDF!

[[ Remember to tag me in any blog posts, tweets, or Instagram photos you use this in! I’d love to see how my followers arrange my work in their work space or rooms. If you’d like this calendar printed with better quality and with the bleeds included, please contact me for more info.
These simple calendars are my gift to my readers, but I am always available for any graphic design or stationery commissions!

My Instagram: @p.egasus
My Twitter: @p_egasus

My (new) Behance Artist Portfolio

Fine Print!
As a designer and artist, my name is on this piece of work and yet I am provided it free to be downloaded. Don’t abuse my generosity and remove my name or claim this work as your own. If I find any such instance of this happening, I will remove these posts and no longer provide any of it free of charge. ]]


  • Gabrielle @ Monochrome Caffeine

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