Bring on the Leaves!


Fall is  upon us, and that means it’s time for autumn wardrobe updates! Normally a color I don’t go for, but this season I fell in love with the caramel brown color I’ve been seeing in a lot of sweaters lately. Usually I get very bored with brown, as its the color of my natural hair and eyes, but the combination of my dark brown mixed with a lighter, fresher mocha kind of color has me infatuated.

In September and October, layering is essential to being comfortable, no matter what hours you leave or return home. Especially here in Pittsburgh where I live, I can leave my house with the temperatures hovering just above 40 degrees, but walk to my afternoon classes sweltering in low 70s. Despite it being a little annoying having to constantly adjust, it’s fun to plan out a cute and layered outfit like this one!

Since the caramel mocha colored cardigan is the main focus, I stuck to a basic palette for the rest of my outfit. Black jeans and boots, plus a white tee and a denim shirt. No matter how I layer the pieces, the colors will always be flattering.


Even without the cardigan, I still look comfortable and sleek but casual.

Textures and open-back detailing help to add a little flair to an otherwise easy fall outfit for class or lunch with friends!

Item Details:

  • Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken 15″
  • Cardigan: LA Hearts
  • Denim Shirt: PacSun
  • Top: Brandy Melville
  • Jeans: Prestige Denim
  • Boots: Silence + Noise

What are your go-to autumn outfits?
Photos: Sofia ❤

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