November Calendar!

It’s that time again! (And I’m late, again… sorry).
I’m apologizing because last weekend, yes Halloween weekend, I took a nasty tumble and gave myself a concussion. It’s minor, but I was still pretty freaked out and definitely had a ton of bruises, along with some short-term memory bugs and difficulty focusing on tasks. I’ve spent this week trying to catch up on all my assignments as well as some good sleep. I still wake up with headaches, but I’m definitely getting better. Luckily I don’t play sports so I don’t have to worry about overexerting myself or when I can get back into things. Sitting and designing/writing doesn’t put my precious little head back in the threat physical danger, though I did give myself a few spaceout sessions from trying to focus too hard on work.

Without further ado, here is the calendar I just finished for November! I took a few new turns in my design experiments, hope you guys like them. As always, my PDF downloads of these are free, and please please please print them out and hang them up however you like, include them in your Instagram photos, and tell everyone you know about them, but please do not take credit for my work or post anything without crediting me.

Let me know what types of things you’ve liked so far or not liked, so that I can have a better idea of future calendars and possibly a full 12 month set available for purchase on quality paper and presentation for next year! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

For quality, trimmed printouts (that will have the pattern bleed off the edge) now or in the future, please contact me for more info. My email address is listed in the Contacts tab.

Click here to download and print the PDF!
November Calendar 2016

I’m sure you guys also noticed I decided to use this graphic for my blog header. I think it’s fitting for me, and I’m currently working on a full logo and brand design for myself. Stay tuned!

  • Gabrielle @ Monochrome Caffeine

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