December Calendars!

It’s that time of the month again, and finally it’s also the holiday season! No matter what you celebrate, December is a great month, one of my favorites at least. Sweater weather has evolved into sweater and coat and cute scarves/hats season, along with sipping hot chocolate and buying gifts.

One thing that has never failed to make me feel good is to give a gift to someone. Not because they asked for something and I feel obligated to, but giving something to someone always make me feel warm and happy; just by making a card or by bringing some cookies I can brighten someone’s day, and that is one one of the best feelings in the world to me. I never expect to get any gifts in return, I only hope that the people I give things to enjoy them and feel loved, because that’s why I do it.

Speaking of giving gifts, I have a gift for you guys! I have your December calendar for you guys, free as always, and this time I even went out of my way to make two different versions! The first one is a full green background if you want a pop of color for your calendar this season, and the other one is a more plain, white background, but both are holiday-themed and free to download as a PDF and print!


Here are the links to the PDF files!
If you hang them anywhere cool or post photos of them on your blog or Instagram, please tag me so that I can see them!
My Instagram name is @p.egasus

December ’16 Calendar – Green

December Calendar ’16 – White

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and look out soon for a new bullet journal post!

Gabrielle @ Monochrome Caffeine


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