Lush Necessities for Winter!

So I’ve been addicted to Lush Cosmetics for a few years now (as if that’s a bad thing), ever since I discovered them while studying abroad in South Korea, of all places. It was just beginning to get a ton of hype over there when I walked by their recognizable black outer facade and aesthetic. While not the cheapest body and skincare I’ve ever used, it’s definitely the most worth it.

I have interesting skin. It’s tame now, but in middle school and early high school, pizza face would have been a nice nickname for me. Blackheads, whiteheads, big red mountain pimples, combination sensitive and oily skin on top of braces and a bad haircut, you would hardly recognize me. I tried every drugstore product that promised to exfoliate and rid me of oils and pimples, my parents got me Proactiv, but it took a long time for any effects to show and my skin grew dependent on it, so when I stopped using it, everything came back, and the three-step process every single morning and night wasn’t something I could commit to effectively.

After I graduated high school, my acne died down so that I could actually look normal at college, and then when I studied abroad, I grew stressed again and got some pimples back. I discovered the vegan, preservative-free products at Lush and have never turned back, because my skin couldn’t be happier. I have oily skin that’s also sensitive, so I have to use a combination of harsher, scrubby exfoliants with light moisturizers to keep my skin happy. At Lush, they know that it’s a process to find out what makes your skin happy, and that it’s a different process for everyone.  I want to tell you all about some of my favorite products that I’ve used for a long time, and also some new ones for winter!


First off, I think the winter holiday season is tolerable in terms of weather if only because Lush comes out with their signature holiday scent, Snow Fairy. It’s only available for purchase starting sometime in November until the end of December. Snow Fairy is a sweet, cotton-candy type smell, which I would normally wrinkle my nose at, but this one has some fruityness mixed into it and the candy smell isn’t an artificial smell, so it’s actually really nice. In past years, I’ve only bought the shower gel, which is pink with some sparkle in it, but this year I decided to treat myself (pun!) to trying the Magic Wand bubble bar and the Snow Fairy body conditioner as well! Pink everywhere, and I love it!


I took a close-up picture of the body conditioner so that you can see the sparkle in it!
The body conditioner is Lush’s newest addition to the Snow Fairy collection, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Buttery moisturizer that has just a bit of glitter in it (like all the other Snow Fairy product) to glam up even every day. Gentle enough for your face, too.

For those who might be unaware of what a bubble bar is (like the Magic Wand here, which has the scent of Snow Fairy), a bubble bar is meant to be crumbled up and put under warm running water to create a bubble bath. If you mix it with a bath bomb, you have an extra scented and exciting bath to relax in. I can’t wait to try out my Snow Fairy scented bubble bar along with all my other stuff!

The only things I didn’t purchase (yet) of the Snow Fairy collection are the Fairy Dust and the Snow Fairy Fun. While the lovely assistant at Lush did show me how the Fairy Dust is a good combination with the body conditioner because it absorbs all the oily feeling you get after applying lotion, I wasn’t too keen on having *that* much sparkle on my skin. It was as if I was glittering like a crystal. Plus it’d probably get all over my clothes, and I prefer only my dedicated sparkly tops to sparkle.

I didn’t get the Snow Fairy Fun either because I just don’t think I’d use it. Bubble bars and bath bombs are great, but I’d probably  never go out of my way to mold my own something out of the Fun material. All of it smells great though.


So onto two non-holiday products.
First is the face and body mask, Cup O’Coffee. It’s an exfoliating scrub that I use on my face, neck and chest when I’m in the shower, or when my face really needs to be scrubbed before cleansing (I use the Don’t Look At Me, Cupcake, and Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask interchangeably, whichever ones are available, since they are preservative free and are only good for two weeks!). This mask has coffee grounds in it, which revitalize skin when you leave it on for a few minutes, and then when you wash it off with warm water, you have a fresh, bright layer of clean skin waiting for you!

The next is the color supplement, Light Pink. This is a light coverage foundation, like a BB cream, and it comes in various shades to match your skin tone. It won’t work as a concealer, but if you prime your face, and put some concealer on any imperfections and under your eyes, all you have to do on top of that is mix this color supplement with some moisturizer and blend it all into your skin for consistent color and moisturized skin, which is super awesome during winter when skin can dry out easily. You can also just wear it without any moisturizer if your skin is oily.

Another must-have is Lush’s lip balm. My favorite is the “Buttered Brazils.” It’s colorless when applied, and smells like chocolate and nuts, perfect for winter when you want something a little less fruity and summery.

(click images to see them larger and in detail)

In addition to all of these products, I can also vouch for their Dark Angels cleanser if you have oily skin that needs a little bit of scrub. For oily bodies, I love to get the Ocean Salt body scrub when I can afford the bigger size of it, because that is some *serious* body exfoliation. Some of my friends have said it even is uncomfortable to apply because the salt crystals are all natural. I wouldn’t recommend using it on your face, but for areas of your body that need tough exfoliation (say, the small of your back or your shoulders, where someone might get oily after a workout), this stuff works perfectly. Once or twice a week, the Ocean Salt can keep your body super exfoliated and smooth.

This summer I also had silver hair for a little while, so I got myself some of the Daddy-O shampoo, which is purple and specifically made for blonde/silver hair, too keep the color from turning brassy. It smells amazing, and kept my silver hair nice and pretty.

What are your favorite products from Lush? Do you like any of my favorites?

Gabrielle @ Monochrome Caffeine


2 thoughts on “Lush Necessities for Winter!

  1. A Lush just opened where I live recently and I am obsessed! Slowly trying things out, but I can’t wait to get my hands on some snow fairy!


    1. That’s amazing! I would love to hear your opinion on it, make sure you get some before the holiday season is over! I always stock up at the end of the month so I can enjoy it for the whole year. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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