My Favorite Content Creation Apps

Creating good content for your own brand on social media is hard enough, when you must consider both originality, functionality, and the potential for popularity. Jumping on trends can either rack in the likes and shares, or be just as easily labeled as boring. But overall, quality is the most important. Good quality writing and photos especially can bring your brand (and sometimes your brand is yourself!) up to the top of feeds and multiply your exposure. Having great photos that are edited beautifully is essential for success on blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest.  And one of the easiest ways to quickly create good content for social media platforms is to use a variety of mobile apps for editing and text. A lot of people have asked me how I edit my photos, and while it varies from day to day how I edit or write my content, I thought I would share with you guys some of the apps I use the most often. While I write all my blogs from my desktop and laptop, I actually do most of my text/photo content creation directly from my phone after transferring photos from my camera. I hardly ever end up uploading photos directly from my iPhone, simply because the photo quality is not always as reliable.  Without further ado, here are my most used apps for social media content!



  1. Enlight

Enlight was one of my first apps for serious mobile photography editing. It’s got all your basic photo editing needs to crop, add text or borders, and its also got many artistic features to utilize like brushes and filters. It’s got a ton of analog, black and white, and duotone filters that I haven’t even explored all of them yet. You can also layer effects, and one of my favorite features, masking! So I can add an effect to the entire photo, and then erase areas where I don’t want the effect to be on. For example, I use this masking effect to only leave color in a certain area of a photo. To keep my Instagram photos looking good together, I often remove extraneous colors from the background to keep everything neutral, and I always use Enlight for that. It’s a paid app, but it’s been worth it for me, and I think it’s only $1.99.


2. Word Swag 

For days when you don’t have a photo to highlight, for when you want to simply add an important quote to your Instagram feed or Facebook page, or especially when you want to take a photo and add excellent typography to it, Word Swag is an amazing app. You can choose from a preset gallery of high-resolution photos, or use one of your own, and are also given options to crop the image to fit certain ratios, even dedicated ratios for Pinterest photos, Facebook posts and covers, and Twitter media! If not, you can always leave the photo uncropped. You are then presented with an insane number of type fonts and designs to add text to. If you double click on the dummy text, you can edit it to add your quote or text, and there’s even presets of famous quotes for you to randomly scroll through if you’re out of ideas. It’s a really really great app to add interactive text media to your Facebook page or Twitter. For example, if you run a small shop or business, you can use one of your own high quality images of your product, and upload it into Word Swag, and add beautifully designed text to maybe let your followers know about a sale! Here are a few quotes you can make using only the in-app quotes and images. I often use a white or marbled background with a quote or motivational saying to add to my Instagram feed when I’m out of good photos to post. Word App is a paid app, but it’s not expensive at all and doesn’t require any further in-app purchase to use any features.

Here’s one I made with my own image, but my own quote I have loved for a long time! I put it on my Instagram a while ago!





4. Afterlight 

This app is great to add some free light leaks, bokeh effects, and has a wide variety of filters to add to photos. It was my first app, and I used it mainly for the filters. In addition to filters, there is advanced photo editing, with highlights, midtones, shadows, and grains as just a few of the options to control. There are lots of cool filters that come for free, plus lots of sets you can purchase. You can also add frames and cutout frames! There are frames in the shapes of hearts, clouds, crowns, and many things in between!




4. Canva 

Another good app for image and text synergy is Cava, which is free to download! It’s greatest function is to create title images for Pinterest or blog posts.  There are various preset layouts for you to choose from depending on your style and purpose, and then you can edit the image, text, and colors in the layout. Here are some examples I made! The one on the left is from my previous blog post, and the one on the right is for a (gasp!) future blog post I’m drafting! Shh!



5. ColorStory

It was a little bit of an investment, (about $5 + some more for extra filter packs), but Color Story is probably the mobile app I use the most out of all of these for my photo editing. There are just so many filters, light leaks, bokeh, and advanced photo editing options to choose from that there’s almost no need for any other apps unless I’m looking for a specific feature of another. Color Story has sets of filters that all coordinate theme-wise with each other, so you can do anything from a simple brightening to layering fades and vintage filters. You can also control the intensity levels to which the filters are applied. Some other features include advanced photo editing, flares, bokeh, light leaks, color fog, as well as cropping and framing photos. You can also save your favorite filters, or save steps to create your own unique filter actions that you can return to easily without having to apply the same steps next time you want to edit a photo in the same way!

Have you used any of these apps? If so, what do you think? If there are ones you are interested in, pleases download them, give them a try, and let me know what you think. If there are others that you swear by, please leave them and your opinions in the comments so I can check them out. This wasn’t a sponsored post, I’ve just been asked a lot lately how I create my social media content, so I wanted to share some of my tools with you guys instead of keeping them a secret.

<3, Gabrielle @ Monochrome Caffeine

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