February is here!


Time for new printable calendars!
The theme I went for this month was a little different. Usually I’ve just been picking some colors and creating a simple layout or geometric pattern. This month I decided to not only pick a theme for my calendars and all my cards, but I decided to add a space at the bottom for some monthly note-taking. Say you have a few things on your to-do list that are month-long, or just some reminders to yourself for the next couple weeks. These few lines at the bottom really can help you stay on top of things, all the while keeping a cute look!

Everyone knows that February is the month of Valentines’ Day. Everything is heart-shaped, candy-shaped, red, pink, love everywhere. That’s all great, but February has other things too, and I chose not to fall into the stereotype of hearts for my calendar. I happen to know two people who have birthdays on the 14th, so I’m pretty sure the hype isn’t as fun for them sometimes.

Not everyone loves hearts, not everyone loves candy, but you know what everyone loves (at least some kind of)? Donuts! Yes, that’s right, I made all my printables and cards this month donut themed!


I think donuts are a good balance between those who like the sweetness of Valentines’ Day but also good for people who don’t care for it or who have birthdays this month. Everyone likes being treated to some donuts. So have some on your calendar for this month! I have also made greeting cards, thank you cards, and post cards with these prints on them if anyone is interested.


For whatever reason, the PDF has the calendar displayed upside down, so apologies for that, but of course it should still print fine.

Click Here for the PDF!

Happy February! Let me know if you like the changes I’ve made to the calendar with the notes section!

<3, Gabrielle @MonoCa

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