March Forward!


So it is now month 3 out of 12 in 2017. This, to me, just already feels mind-blowing. Three months into this new year, and I’m doing all sorts of cool things, experimenting with design, working on my portfolio, and graduating next month! Wow. One month away from walking to my degree. It’s been a super long road for me in terms of education, but I’m so proud of myself for finishing, and I don’t regret any of the time I took off to explore and find myself, even when the times were tough and I was unsure about my future or even where I’d be living the next month. The past, what is it now, five years have been transformational in a mind-boggling way. I doubt that 18 year old me would even be able to recognize or relate to the person I am today.

But without further ado! Here is a calendar for all of my followers to download and print for free! I suggest printing on something a little heavier than regular printer paper and hanging it up or putting in on a clipboard for you to see and check every day. This one is a landscape orientation, which is a little something different from my traditional designs. Tell me if you like this kind of layout/simple design or if you’d like to see something a little more artistic in the future. I’m a huge fan of minimalist and geometric designs but I want to branch out a little bit and maybe incorporate some of my personal illustrations into my print work.

I am always available for custom commissions for any kind of print or graphic design needs and would love to collaborate!

Please don’t remove my logo or name for any reason! This is my work, and if you’re going to use my work, use it proudly with my name on it! ❤


March Calendar PDF

  • . Gabrielle @MonoCaf
    (feat. photo taken by me)

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