It’s Gonna Be May!


I mean, as of today, I guess it is May. But I couldn’t help but get a little meme-y there.  And I can’t believe how fast the past few months have flown by. I’ve been doing so much schoolwork that I’ve barely had time for much else. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I worked so hard on all of my design work and I’m so proud of myself.

Speaking of school and design, I graduated on Saturday! I am officially a college graduate with my Bachelors’ in Multimedia. Some of my relatives came up to visit and though at first I was skeptical about how special the occasion would be for me, (I mean, you stand around waiting to be seated for an hour and then have to sit for two hours just to have your name called. You only get a blank diploma too! My real one comes in the mail a few weeks from now.) but having my name called out, hearing my family cheer, and getting handed my diploma was quite the experience. And I got to sit next to and graduate with some of my closest peers, fellow design students who I will never forget.

Here’s me on the big day! Check out those shoes!

In other exciting news that is somewhat related to graduation, I got a very very important gift from my dad. A few days before commencement, he took me to the Apple Store and bought me an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil! In all of my spare time, I’ve been doodling in apps like ProCreate and Adobe Sketch. It’s an awesome piece of equipment that I know I’ll be using regularly to create my artwork and designs. I’m already working on a few logo commissions, and doing all my sketches right on my iPad! Using the Apple Pencil makes everything so much simpler. If you noticed, my little featured image was made in ProCreate! I also took the image, and I think it turned out beautifully.

Say hello to my 12.9 inch iPad Pro! 

It’s also super super easy to create funky patterns on one layer and then use a fill on a new layer and then erase with a brush tip to create pretty calligraphy using your pattern! I’m literally over the top obsessed.


Using an iPad Pro also makes it incredibly easy to write right on top of images to create instant social-media image content for Twitter and Instagram.


While I’m on the topics of calligraphy and May, also take a look at the monthly spread for my bullet journal this month. It hasn’t got much in it yet, but I also did take this picture a few days ago. One thing I changed from past spreads is the color bars to distinguish the line that the day of the month is on. It adds a little more dimension and color to the boxes, and I think it’s something I’m going to continue using in future months. I got the inspiration for this little trick from @bluelahe on Instagram. ❤

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  Stay tuned to see some more personal cards, calendars and graphics that I’ll be making with my new degree and new tools! As always, my work can be viewed on my portfolio and if you have any inquiries or commissions to request, please email me at:


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