No Frills: The Simplicity Of My Summer Style

Photos: Jason Starr (@altered.reality)

Summertime fashion is a different breed from all the layers and possibilities of other seasons. In the winter I love to wear cute sweaters and boots and scarves and coats and all sorts of wonderful things, all with unlimited style possibilities. But what about when it’s ridiculously hot outside and you’re struggling to stay hydrated and cool while you bust your butt getting things done? How do you stay cute and also stay cool? And in all honesty, my answer to this question is to forget what Vogue and Cosmo say is trendy. Forget the frills, the weird pants and complex sandals. Every once in a while, I find that I want to spruce up a little bit, but I don’t make it a regular thing.

In the summer, I usually just try to find whatever is simple and cute. For the most part, that translates into a cute tank and a pair of shorts. And that’s honestly just the mantra of my style in general this year: the simpler, the better. Simple but flattering cuts, and the eye-catching elements being bright colors and patterns. Does anyone else share my sentiment of just focusing more on simpler and more versatile summer outfits? I basically just buy the same types of tanks and tees and, lets see…. five colors of the same shorts. I don’t need much else. My everyday fashion is simple, but when I go out, I go out. The things I make as a statement are my hats, bags, accessories, and swimwear for summer.  And speaking of accessories, check out these tasty ones! Giant rainbow lollipops and classic Coca Cola bottles!

Photos: Jason Starr (@altered.reality) // Top: Brandy Melville – Shorts: Pacsun – Hat – BeenTrill
Photos: Chen Su

This summer, I’ve been running around left and right. I still work in retail, which amidst its frustrations, I do enjoy; it is also valuable experience that has taught me how to read, interact, and deal with the people around me. And even though where I work sells plenty of variety in its styles, from all the simple to all the frills, I lean more toward the simple. The reason for this is because of work, I’m running around helping customers, and sometimes even rearranging the store and its shelves. I can’t expect to do all that kind of work in skirts and dresses and lace and ruffles. Maybe some girls can. More power to them, and I’m certainly envious occasionally. I’ve eyed and even tried on a few skirts at work recently, but I haven’t been quite able to convince myself that however cute, that I’d actually get around to wearing these items. At least in shorts I don’t have to worry about my behind on the go or at work. I guess I’ll never be fancy, hah!

Definitely *not* excited about hot and humid weather here. Photo: Chen Su

Maybe I’ll never be fancy, and maybe I’ll never really enjoy humidity in the summer, but at least I’m dressing up in bright colors. I’ve finally been able to at least buy some things that aren’t my staple monochrome. I’ve been guilty of buying reds, yellows, and blues this season, which is unheard of for me!

If you want to dress like me in the summer…. mom shorts and a tank top! Wear casual white kicks or birkenstocks, and you’ve got me and my style for the hot summer months down to a tee.








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