Skincare with Glossier

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This summer hasn’t been hell for my skin, per se, but it’s definitely been dull and with many blackheads. I haven’t been getting “enough” sleep lately due to lots of work and insomnia related to anxiety (I think I usually end up going to bed around 2am-3am and wake up at 7:30), and it shows underneath my eyes. This season, I think I’ve gone through an entire tube of NARS concealer in half the time it normally would take me.

“What can I do about this??” I thought.
Well. How about develop an actual skincare routine, Gabby?

I already use a face/body scrub from Lush Cosmetics, but that isn’t quite enough.  I avoided most cleansers (unless it was one from Lush) simply because they didn’t work with my skin type.  But what about serums, moisturizers…? All of this has very much perplexed me, since I have combination skin. Why would I moisturize my skin regularly when my face already produces so much oil? Different areas of my face also are dry or oily and it makes no sense to me what kind of products I should use.


A friend of mine suggested one of her favorite new skincare and makeup brands, Glossier!  Glossier’s brand ethos is bringing out the best of the skin you already have, and keeping it healthy along the way. Their makeup is cruelty-free and made right here in the USA. While scrolling through their store, I had my heart set on finding a cleanser and moisturizer to try, to see if my skin would love it or reject it. Of course, Sofia tried to sell me on some of her other favorite products, including the lipgloss and highlighter stick.  The tweets she made of our screencapped conversation made us Twitter famous, for the night, at least.

I made the plunge and got a set of Glossier’s milky jelly cleanser, their priming moisturizer, and lip balm. In addition to the set, I also decided to try a serum for the first time, to see if I could get the skin underneath my eyes to not look like I’m a graphic designer workaholic.

Can I mention how cute the packaging they send their stuff in is? I’m obsessed already!
I’m a huge fan of companies that pay attention to the design of their packaging and print materials. Makes a graphic designer happy.



My new skincare routine goes as follows, morning and night.

1. Milky Jelly Cleanser (far left): Wash, wash, wash! Wash my face! This cleanser is light and refreshing, and gets every bit of dirt and makeup off my skin. It’s not very foamy either, so don’t freak out like I did the first time when it didn’t foam up a lot. It still gets deep and cleanses all that gunk right off.
2. “Super Glow” Serum (far right): After cleansing, I drip a bit of this serum underneath my eyes/cheek area and pat it in until it dries. This helps my tired and baggy eyes look more alive and really “glow!” I’ve never used a serum on  my face before this, and now I’m hooked! With my awful sleeping schedule, this definitely helps make it at least look like I get enough rest.
3. Priming Moisturizer (second from left): After patting in my serum, I use this moisturizer on my face. It’s light and buildable, depending on how much moisturizing your face needs. I have combination oily skin, so a light layer is enough to keep my face happy. It also works as a primer for makeup to even out skin tone and diminish any redness. Perfect for morning and nighttime.
4. Balm Dotcom in “Coconut” (second from right): I originally thought this was a dedicated lip balm, but this is actually a “general skin salve,” so wherever you have chapped skin, including your lips or elbows, this is a deep moisturizing balm that leaves your lips super super moisturized and ready for anything. It has enough of a glow to be worn by itself, or underneath super dry matte lipsticks to keep hydrated.  And the coconut flavor is amazingly pure and natural smelling. Totally in love.


I’ll be adding pictures or videos to this post soon, so keep checking back. All four of these products are definitely going to become staples that I purchase over and over again, and I’m even eyeing up some of their makeup line, such as the highlighter and foundation. All of the products I currently have make my skin feel refreshed and even, but also don’t feel like I have a ton of product on my face.


What Glossier products do you have or want to try?

This is an unsponsored post.
Click here to go check out Glossier’s website!


❤ Gabrielle @ MonoCa

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