Hello! My name is Gabrielle, and I am a passionate graphic designer,
content creator and blogger. I have been running
my own social media sites for five years now, and I absolutely adore
anything that requires me to be creative. I am currently twenty-four
years old and looking for the next endeavor to push my career forward.
My hometown is forever Seattle, but I spent most of my school career
in Pittsburgh, PA, where I went to high school and graduated from
Point Park University in April of 2017 with my B.A. in Multimedia.

My hobbies include exploring and traveling to new places, drinking cappuccinos
in artisan coffee shops, photography, designing cards and calendars, drawing,
writing in my journal, and petting cute dogs. I blog about lifestyle, beauty, graphic
design, and marketing, as well as my personal fashion style.

For collaborations, sponsored posts, modeling, or
other business inquiries, please contact me through
my business email address.

Email:  monochromecaffeine@yahoo.com
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