\\ Gabrielle Renfro



As the daughter of two creatives who covered our walls in their own paintings, graphic art, and hand-sewn tapestries and pillows, design and aesthetic for my own creations has always been a part of my life. The urge to create, to print, to draw, even just to write down a neat poetic phrase I think of never escapes me. While I have a degree in Multimedia that broadened my knowledge on a variety of creative and marketing platforms, including advertising, blogging, and social media, I have found my comfort in graphic illustration and incorporating it into print design. The activity that can get me out of bed without groans is making all sorts of print matter, from greeting cards and invitations, calendars, magazine spreads, posters, and organizational sheets to name a few.


// STYLE: 

My style of art and creation tends to be a combination of bright, geometric, and cute, with an emphasis on keeping things as simple as they can be without sacrificing interest. Simplicity and donuts are the way into my heart. The cards below were designed, printed, and trimmed myself. Greeting cards were some of the first things I starting making seriously, and I don’t ever wish to stop making them.